Uh, wow.

It's been since January since I've posted anything. I... I have been busy, ok!

To summarize: I've moved to Syracuse, NY for grad school: not an MBA program, like I'd thought, but a MS in Information Management. What that is, to plagiarize prettyarbitrary for the billionth time, is a program that teaches you to manage the people, systems, and technologies that move information around. So far I've taken three and a half classes. The first is Managing Change, which is basically the class that makes me want to jump up and down every time I step into the classroom-- it's teaching me how to effectively make change in organizations! One of the things that frustrated me most about my old job (not the thing that frustrated me the most, my old job was completely terrible) was the fact that when I would try to make change, no one would listen to me, and very little of it went through no matter how hard I pushed. I have an idea of how to do things better now-- in fact, maybe I'll explain some of this on LJ or something similar sometime to keep it fresh in my mind. :D Change management theory is awesome.

I'm also taking Information Policy with Prof. Milton Mueller (of The Internet Governance Project) which is amazing. Did you know that there are major international organizations to combat spam? NOW YOU DO. I'm taking an introductory course which I honestly kind of hate even though the professor is nice-- it's his first time teaching, and he does not know how to do it. Finally, at the beginning of the semester I took a 1-credit introductory course that lasted one weekend and was a good introduction to how to throw together last-minute presentations. (I guess not so much 'finally' as... 'principally' ?) I'm not looking forward to changing courses next semester because I like these so much. I want to learn mooore.

I love it here so far, though I haven't really found my community here yet-- there isn't much of a belly community, and I've been weirdly shy about approaching my classmates. (I guess not weirdly, if you've known me for a long time.) As such, I miss all of you. The people I have gotten to know here are awesome, and there are way too many delicious places to eat. And I have a job! Part-time faculty assistant. I hope to be worthy of the selection.

Almost all of you know this by now, since when I was regularly on Twitter I talked about him basically all the time, but I've been dating someone seriously since... Mayish (I say 'ish' because we officially started dating on my birthday, but we have a complicated romantic history that dates back two years), and basically the only thing that could make me even more deliriously happy with him is if we were both currently living in the same state. Seriously, you guys, he is the BEST. We have stupid amounts of stuff in common, and because of that, with him, everything has grown sentimental associations and/or inside jokes: at last count I had affectionate inside jokes for Korra, Psych, Star Trek TNG, pumpkin, turtles, vegetarianism, fire fardels, axe murder, Alot of cake, dark-colored wood, blue lamps, chicken butt, rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle. He is also hilarious, and super pretty, and also [CENSORED].

I've... also become addicted to a reality TV show called The Voice. I blame you entirely, asimaiyat. And, even more shamefully, I bought the most recent Christina Aguilera CD despite my serious reservations about the first music video she put out for it-- seriously, it is a video that promotes: a. the conflation of female sexuality and serial murder, b. a dangerous kind of promiscuity that will spread disease (I am all for sexytimes, but I am not so much for sexytimes with anonymous strangers where you don't even ask their name or their previous sexual history!), c. psychics. Seriously. (Verdict: the CD is full of utterly stupid but catchy pop music. I like it a lot despite its questionable messaging and occasional unhinged ranting! And really, who didn't want to see Christina Aguilera do a song with Cee-Lo?)

Tell me how you've been! The three of you that are still on LJ!
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You know, I should actually update you on what I've been up to. I don't have much time to do so, because I took on too much (I know, be surprised), but I do care about you guys and want you to know how I'm doing. Also I keep forgetting to tell celli two of the things I've been up to and I bet she'll think they're cool.

You will understand why I have been so absent when I explain, too. :D

1. My dance teacher / dance company leader taught at a dance studio that has since closed. She decided to open her own studio, which I thought was awesome, and as the resident unemployed person, I did a lot of the legwork involved. I researched incorporating it as a nonprofit, wrote the Articles of Incorporation and am one of its incorporators; I also did things like sand the floor, wash the fireplace, etc. I'm serving as its treasurer, which means I am going to be responsible for handling its finances. We opened January 15th. I would link to the site but one of my jobs within the next week is to reorganize it and add new content.

2. I'm still part of the dance company. We meet Tuesday evenings, and we'll be performing next (I think) Saturday, February 11 at the Saloon for SlutFreeze 2012-- a benefit for SlutWalk, which is basically a new iteration of Take Back The Night. Details are here if you're interested.

3. I'm part of a women's choir that is pretty awesome. We meet every Wednesday evening, and I made some really cool friends through it. I guess I made friends with mendeia through the awesome band that I'm still in (and the mysterious fifth member has returned, which i am still really not used to!) We have a concert coming up on... February 4. Details are here if you're interested.

4. I'm applying to business schools still. I already applied for my top-choice school and figure it is very unlikely I'll get in. I have two deadlines coming up in the next week. I am not really happy with any of the essays I've written.

5. I have two articles to write for China Insight by yesterday. I am done with 1.2 of them.

6. I am taking Statistics and Accounting classes. I really wish I weren't so busy right now, because they are REALLY COOL. I like math. I had forgotten that before I started studying for the GMAT, because I associated it so strongly with failure. I like knowing how to organize things so they make sense, which is a lot of what accounting seems to be about so far. I have Statistics homework due by tomorrow.

Those are all the really interesting things I've been up to. Which, actually, feels a little better, because it looks like only six things the way I organized it, even if some numbers include multiple things.

I also have some absolute heroes who helped me so much with this application process and I want to do proper nice things for them. I cannot wait until a week from now, when most of this pressure is off.
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I was discussing old Halloween costumes with sineala (because I have nail polish that makes me feel like I'm Data from TNG). The only thing I ever went as twice for Halloween was 'Dorkwoman,' in I think the second and third grade. 'Dorkwoman' was a bunch of bits from the costumes I'd worn for the previous several years, all tacked together in a random, unexpected, and kind of bizarre configuration that didn't make much sense to anyone who wasn't me. I am not completely sure it made sense even to me.

Only right at this moment did I realize how apt a metaphor that costume is for me and my mind.
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Thank you all for the good math vibes. They put me in the 71st percentile for math, which gives me an overall score of 740 / 800, which puts me in the 97th percentile of test-takers.

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Lovely Yuletide author!  I will be putting up a letter in the next day or so here, so don't worry about the fact that I have specified nothing at all.
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Back from Chicago. It was thrilling to FINALLY meet celli, awesome to get to meet savvierthanu, and wonderful to see murasakisilver again. Also, Chicago-area people who like food, Taste of Heaven's lemon meringue cupcake is amazing, and Turkish Cuisine's food is really, really yummy. (They have bellydancers Fridays and Saturdays, apparently!) Also also, predictably enough, I found a tea shop and bought a lot of stuff. I have problems. Severe problems. Delicious severe problems. Also to the power of 3, Megabus is a surprisingly pleasant way to travel.

How have you been? ♥

*facepalm* Making decisions is hard and I feel like a moron.

So three not-getting-me-a-new-job interviews later, I've decided I need to take a different and additional path to getting a new job besides "ask everyone you know if they know of opportunities and network madly" and "apply for every job you come across on Craigslist" and "put your resume all of the places."

Today I sketched out a list of all of the possibilities I could think of for getting on a good career path. And I began to see part of the problem.

Those of you who've been reading my LJ for a very long time (I'm looking at you, celli) might remember how ridiculously much I falter when choosing between equally good or bad options. When I had to choose between my 2 top-choice colleges, I freaked out so much that I actually sent acceptance letters and deposits to both of them. I laugh at myself in retrospect, but all decisions like that feel so IMPORTANT to me.

Right now, my friends, I have eight possibilities of what my next step should be. EIGHT. And all of them involve some level of me not knowing what to do, which is equally terrifying to me (look I have a lot of anxieties). So I... thought I might ask you for opinions and/or help. I want to take a positive next step and not sit here being indecisive some more, but there are eight options here, and I have NO IDEA what to do. Opine? Fill in the gaps to make any of these options less unknown and scary? Laugh at me? (OK, please don't laugh at me, I'm already stressing about what to do here.)

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Further updates:

3 interviews since giving notice, None of them worked out. V. sad. Mostly, this is a Lishan Will Be Different Places notification. :D I will be in the Raleigh/Durham area from 10/12 to 10/18. I am busy on 10/15 with some kind of wedding thing, but otherwise, if you want to hang out, let me know. I will be at WindyCon in the Chicago area from 11/11 to 11/13, playing with my band. I *might* be in Eau Claire 11/25 or 11/26. Not sure. Let me know if you want to say hi!